Amazing Kenyan Car Gift Ideas For Fathers Day 2021

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We all know dads love their cars almost as much as they love their families. Instead of getting him another pair of socks, more fancy ties, or "the usual" Fathers Day gifts how about getting him something he actually loves!

Surprise Your Father With His Dream Car

If you love cars then you know that being able to drive your dream car is as close to heaven as it can get here on earth! The only other feeling that surpasses this is being able to gift this feeling to someone who means the world to you...someone like a car-loving Kenyan dad. Miss Trudy set the bar high when she gifted her big brother a sleek Nissan Juke and we fell in love with the extreme thoughtfulness that went into organizing this surprise. If Miss Trudy did it, so can you! Our dads deserve to drive in style and show stop on the road too!

PS/ If you need any help finding a nice car both locally and abroad to gift your dad or a loved one, then look no further! You can easily use the Carhoot App to import a car or reach out to our Customer Care Team to help you source a car locally.

Father's Day Car Makeover

You can surprise your dad with his very own "Pimp My Ride' session! Not only will this be a great bonding opportunity, but a chance to tap into both of your creative sides and come up with an entirely unique look and feel for your father's car. There's so much you can do when it comes to customizing a car, from paint jobs to re-upholstery to having a field day with wheels and rims! If your dad is into technology and gadgets you can also consider adding the best stereo systems and dashcams to the car as well to help enhance his driving experience!

PS/ If you feel like this is something you want to do but have no clue on where to begin, the Carhoot Team is always a call away from helping you source the best car parts, accessories, and vehicle enhancement services. All our parts come with a warranty and can be easily ordered via our mobile app. You can also use the app to check out some of the car accessories we have in stock!

Help Your Dad Keep His Car Running Smoothly

If you cant buy your dad a new car, you can at least help him make sure his current one in great condition. We all know that maintaining a car can cost a pretty penny, so why not take advantage of the Carhoot Father's Day Service Deals running till the end of the month? Not only will we give his car the best service ever, but we will throw in a complimentary car wash and have your dad's car conveniently picked and dropped.

PS/ All you need to do is download the Carhoot App on your mobile device. It's readily available on both the App Store and Google Play, and input the details of the car or reach out to our Customer Care Team on WhatsApp to help you sort everything out.

Attend The 2021 WRC Safari Rally Together

No one can put a price on making beautiful memories! For the first time in 19 years, the World Rally Championships is back in Africa! Kenya is extremely fortunate to host this massive event, and spectators will have the privilege of witnessing the world's best rally drivers go head to head in some of our country's most scenic locations. This event presents a unique opportunity for any car lover not to mention, an epic road trip with you and your old man! If you want to find out more about the WRC itinerary and where you can catch all the action, then CLICK HERE. The entire Carhoot Team will be cheering our very good friend Mcrae Kimathi, and his teammate Yusuf Shameer Ole who will be driving a beautiful Ford Fiesta Rally 3!

PS/ You can make the event more special by signing up as WRC volunteers and getting to be part of this amazing event!

We can never take for granted the roles of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and all those individuals who have taken it upon themselves to play this important role in our lives, Happy Father's Day from the entire Carhoot Team.


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