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What is Carhoot?

Carhoot is an end-to-end auto service provider. We strive to support people as they go through their car ownership journey right from ensuring they purchase the right car at the right price, customize the car to their liking over time, ensure the car is kept in good condition and they have support when something goes wrong. To do this, we are building technology starting with teh Carhoot Android and iOS app that allows access to on-demand suto-services. We have experts in various fields to ensure our members are covered all round.

Does Carhoot have a garage?

Carhoot does not own a physical garage. We specialize in creating a network of vetted proffesionals who provide these services. We take on the responsibility of your car, and guarantee you expert service. You will always deal with one company when it comes to your car. We provide the technology and layer of trust to ensure you know exactly who to deal with for all your auto-needs.

What happens if my car is damaged after pickup?

When your car is picked up we do an inspection and note down any visibile issues. If on inspection after delivery we find an issue, we will take ownership. Incase mechanical issues arise during transit, we will assess to see what the cause is. If this was by the driver's fault, Carhoot will take ownership. Our drivers are well trained with over 5 years of driving experience in Nairobi, your car will be safe.

Car Import

How long does it take to import a car?

If buying off a site like SBT, your car should be at your doorstep in 6 - 8 weeks. In cases where we go through auction, it migth take an additional 3 weeks to source for the exact car you are looking for.

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