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Carhoot auto-services are open to everyone in the areas we currently support. We, however, want to provide premium services to our committed members. Have a look at the perks we offer.

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Benefits of Carhoot Membership

Priority support

As a Carhoot member, you enjoy priority support when your car runs into an issue. We guarantee 30 minute response times with free service offered if we are not able to time. You get priority on the support list.

Access to member discounts

For all our members we offer 6% off on all services requested through the Carhoot app. You will also be eligible for up to 30% off on member offers as well as freebies.

Free consultations

Carhoot members get access to free phone consultations for any auto-related questions they have. Right from questions around importing your car to inquiries on a weird noice from your engine.

Police and legal support

In your daily driving, you might need support from the Police or a legal expert. Through Carhoot, you can get connected to someone who will help out in a moments notice.

Invitation to member training and social events

Carhoot will be running annual events focused on equipping our members with various auto skills. We are also building a community that will connect or members.

  • Single Vehicle Cover

    Every year
    Ideal for cars driven by multiple people
    • Get a single car covered regardless of driver
  • Personal Cover

    Every year
    Perfect for individual car owners
    • Get covered regardless of the car you are in
  • Best Value

    Family Cover

    Every year
    Perfect for families with 2-4 drivers
    • Get four family members covered regardless of the car
  • Multi-vehicle Color

    Every year
    Ideal for people with multiple cars
    • Get four cars covered regardless of the driver

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